Wednesday, June 8, 2016


1. How to  make a glass rim?

first you have to make sure that you take the the measurement of the glasses. than import all the measurement to work day in order to make the base or the shape of the glasses. what i did here was revolve cut to make sure that the rim of the glass come out a little bit round. and than reduce the 360 degree  angle to 27.00 degree.

2.question what is a rim glass ?

if the part of the glasses that protected your eyes. as you can see here is already form and the measurement are right. In order to make the cut i had to to revolve cut make a circle of 360 degree and reduce to 27.00 degree.

3.question how long did it took me to do rim glass ?

It took me about like 2-3 day to finish it with the help of my teacher Mr. G.  There is  not done yet i still have to make some more cut and take down some more measurement in order to finish the complete rim. the next step will show you more.

4. how to make the round cut on the rim glass ?

answer in order for me make the round shape i had go to revolve cut and reduce the degree of each Conner to make a round shape of the top of  glass rim. at this point the rim is looking to get his form. 

5.question how to make the middle hoe?

in order to that small hoes i had it make a front plane and go to sketch to a circle of  0.6 degree. than after that i strutted cut to cut trough the glass. that's  one of the part where the handle goes to.



7. how to strutted cut the part where the nose go?

 first you have to go to sketch and draw the part where the nose goes. as you can see is triangle, you have to take the measurement of that part. how thick is it and how wide is it. than you draw half of the part and copy entitles so that both side can be the same. 





10. do people might like this ?

yea i think people might like because i dedicate myself in doing this and making sure that it come out nice and beautiful. also if i like it i think people is going to like it too because is a cool project. also that is made on solid works.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Model Copper Wire Motorcycle

Question: What is a Model Copper Wire Motorcycle?

Answer:  This model motorcycle is an artistic piece that I made in my autoshop class.

Question: How did you make this?

Solidworks Gold Ring Model to make the bottom part of a ring?

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Car Drawings...

Hey not bad for my first drawing at least I try my best. I really have a passion for cars. This class inspired me to do more car drawing.

One Point Perspective

Drawing by Deivi Suazo.
I did this drawing in my Engineering Drawing class at Memorial HS with Mr.G