Thursday, November 12, 2015

What is a penny battery ?

What is a penny battery?
     A pennies battery is made of card board, zinc, copper, and salt water or vinegar.

2.How does a penny battery work?

The battery has a negative side and a positive to be able to turn a LED light.

3.What are the steps to make penny battery?

 for this you will need
1)few copper pennies
2)a piece of alluminium foil
3)a piece of wet tissue or card board
4)a piece of led(for just testing the battery)
5)and a LED light 

4. How manny volt can a penny battery produce?

Each cell in a penny battery can produce up to 0.8 volt 

5.How long can a penny battery last ?

A five cell penny battery can last up to 6 1/2 hour provident minimal voltage. 

6.What function does the washer do on a penny battery? 

7. How can you make a more powerful battery?

Mobile-friendly - Using two different metals and some sour, salty water, we can create a cheap battery stronger enough to power an LED. Make a saturated salt solution by adding salt into water until it doesn't dissolve anymore. Add a splash of vinegar to this solution. Cut your matboard into four 1/2" squares, about the size of a penny.

8. Can you use this same battery to light different-colored LEDs or other things that require power?

9. What other metals could you use in an activity like this?
    A penny battery can be useful in producing a small amount of volts. To make a penny battery it is crucial that there are two different kinds of metals with a substance in between them. To begin, scratch off the copper coating on one side of a penny exposing the metal zinc(silver color).

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