Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Model Copper Wire Motorcycle

Question: What is a Model Copper Wire Motorcycle?

Answer:  This model motorcycle is an artistic piece that I made in my autoshop class.

Question: How did you make this?

Answer: in order to make a copper motorcycle, first you need to buy or barrow electrical wire. Then take out every single copper wire inside the electric wire with a tweezers. First, I made the rear end of the motorcycle starting with the tire and then the body of the motorcycle and the handles.

Question: Could a person get hurt making this or project?

Answer: No, I don't think anyone would get hurt. The tools I used are safe.  Most of the work is buy hand using the copper wires and folding them.

Question: Did anybody help you?

Answer: Of course I had some help from my friend Angelo, he was the one who made the front tire and help me out taking skin out of the electric cable in order to have the cooper wire. Also Mr.G, my teacher, inspire me almost everyday in order for me to keep up with my work.

Question: Did you ever do this type of project before?

Answer: No, this is my first time doing this type of project. In all honesty I didn't plan to do this, it was just the thought of me playing with the wires that made me come up with this idea. 

Question: Can you demonstrate how your project works?

Answer: Well to start, you can move the motorcycle back and forth with your hand on top of the chassis. Just like a toy car.

Question: How long did it take you to do this Copper Motorcycle? 

Answer: Well in this case, this copper motorcycle took me 2 months to be done with it. I didn't think it would take me this long to finish it, but I took my time and this is how it came out to be. 

Question: How did you use the Tweezers (Pliers) to take the wire out of its plastic case? 


Answer: Hold the wire strippers in your hand and pull the copper out of the wire case.

Question: Do you think people might like it ?

Answer: In my opinion yes because I like it too and as you can see I put all my work in this project.

Q: What other type of copper did you use besides wire?

A: I used copper tubes in order make the base of the head light and the seat of the motorcycle.

Q: How did you make the seat?

A: In order to make the seat I used a hammer to shape the seat, then I soldered a little base to the seat in order to attach the seat to the motorcycle.

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