Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Solidworks Gold Ring Model to make the bottom part of a ring?

in order  to make the bottom of the ring first you add the top plane and go to sketch , add a 3 point  arc and than extruded.

2. how do we make the top  of the ring?
in the same plane you sketch a rectangle and extruded to bring the parts together. after that you will have to click on the plane of the rectangle to add a 3 point arc and extruded to fully make the circle on the center of the ring. step how to make the tow edge lines?

first you click on the left plane and than you go to sketch and click on line and draw two triangle and than extruded boss at least half an each.

4. next step is how to do the name of the ring?

you have to go to sketch and click on the text A tool  and reach for the right  font or that can best fits on the ring. and after that you extruded boss to add together.

5. The following step, how to fillet?

To fillet you have to feature and at the bottom of your right Conner you going  to the fillet tool.
than you click on the fillet tool and than start clicking on the edge of the ring to make it round.

6.the next step  continue  fillet?

you just keep  clicking the edge of the ring until everything looks in a beautiful nice round edges.

 7.  how to extrude cut ?

first again you click on the plane the you want to extrude in order to makes
the cuts. as you can on the picture i made the extrude cuts trough the center of on the ring. step how make the name pop out even more ?

as you can see on the picture the name as a 3D view. in order for me to make that happen i had it extrude cuts the top of the name. first i had to click on the front plane and convert entities in order to extrude cut the part i want it to cut.

9. how to give color to the ring ?


first you go to the appearance color tools and add the polish gold color. and it will cover the all entire ring of gold.

10. how long did it took me to this ring? and who help me?

it took me about 3 weeks in order to finish the ring. and still missing some work, but is hard to do something likes this in solid-works. you need to take every single measure of the ring and every single design ion order to make the ring looks the same as that one the is real. one of my friend who help was Herder he help with the extrude cuts and how to convert entities and extrude boss.

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